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Bespoke Software Solutions

Sometimes, off-the-shelf software won’t quite do what you need. That’s where our development team come in. 

We’ll guide you through the bespoke software development process, from our initial meeting to on-going customer support, providing the technical skills and delivery expertise to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget – guaranteed. 

Why Northlands? 

➤We are passionate problem solvers in digital engineering and design 

➤We work with some of the UK’s leading brands delivering digital transformation software for end users 

➤We’ve delivered hundreds of successful bespoke software development projects across government, large enterprises and SMEs. 

➤Our clients repeatedly select us for their business-critical programmes, and stick with to support the software we’ve built. 

➤We know the major tech stacks inside out, but aren’t wedded to any particular one.

We are innovators

agile software development


Agility is the name of the game. Our iterative approach means you’re continually involved, helping shape and refine what we’re creating for you. It means the final product will do what your organisation actually needs it to do, even if you haven’t firmed up what that is at the start.

software design


Our design and innovation services offer rapid concept testing, design and realization. You’ve got a brilliant idea for a digital product or service. We’ll work with you to shape, test and launch it at pace.

app development UK

Mobile & Apps

You don’t need anyone to tell you how transformational mobile apps can be to your organisation. Whether your vision is to connect better with customers or citizens, make your employees more productive, or create a revolutionary new service, we’ll show you the art of the possible. This could be a native mobile app or a fully mobile-optimized web experience.

data and AI Development

Data & AI

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation: it holds the key to better customer experiences, improved decision-making and greater efficiency across operations.

We’ll help you unlock the value them by designing and building the right platform, from data warehouses, through analysis and systems integration to visualisation of management insights.

software development (Bespoke software)

Smart, Efficient & Cost-Effective

We want you to be able to focus on doing what your organisation does best – whether that’s running first-class public services, crafting brilliant products, or delivering amazing customer experiences. 

In addition, we can ramp up the team capacity on an ad-hoc basis, to meet short-term needs such as new feature requests.

We can look after: 


Associated databases 

Operating systems 

Cloud platforms 

And we do more than simply keeping your apps running: we actively look for ways to improve their capabilities, performance, security and availability. This gives you the freedom to concentrate fully on what’s really important to your organisation, because you know your key systems will be there to support you.




The first step is to understand the best software option for your team and the right services to customise the CRM for your business. This is done as part of our free consultation.

From there our CRM services for CRM implementation include: Define deal stages, Create custom fields, Data migration, Ongoing audits, Build custom Views and Reports for reps and managers. And all this syncs seamlessly with an app compatible with all smart phones.

Pipeline management
Spend less time doing manual data entry and more time selling with customizable deal stages to match your sales process, and a drag and drop deals dashboard.
Smart notifications
Prioritize your day. Focus on your hottest leads using live notifications. Know when each person opens an email, clicks links, views documents, and views your website!
Contact management
Add new contacts manually using a prospect’s corporate email address, or pull them straight from your inbox or form submissions. For big contact lists you can import all your data seamlessly with zero technical knowledge!
Calling and Call Tracking
Make calls from emails in Outlook and Gmail or inside the CRM. Just one click connects you to a prospect through Voice Over IP or your desk phone. Your calls will always come from your number and all calls are automatically logged in the CRM. You’ll spend less time dialing, and more time selling.
Track your to-do list = Tasks
Keep track of your tasks in a CRM system which helps you keep track of your to-do lists and easily access the records associated with each task. You can even build a task list to automatically move from one task to the next.


cyber security solutions

Align your security strategy with your business

Building a custom security plan that is both industry-specific and aligned to your security maturity demands a partner with the expertise and resources to help you remotely or onsite. Our Northlands Security Strategy and Risk services team is that trusted resource.

Protect your digital assets, users and data 

To help you build a foundation of trust in your interactions, you should enable the right user to have the right access to the right data. Northlands Security Digital Trust solutions can help.

Manage your defenses against growing threats 

When every second counts, you need a unified defense to identify, orchestrate and automate your response to threats. Northlands Security Threat Management solutions help you thrive in the face of cyber uncertainty.

Modernize your security with an open, multicloud platform 

To protect your hybrid multicloud infrastructure in a world of complexity, you need to ensure the workload is secure, from processes to technologies. NorthlandsSecurity can help confidently secure your hybrid multicloud enterprise.



Data protection & GDPR

Is your company GDPR ready?

Most are not and with a possible penalty being a maximum fine of €20 million (about £17.8 million) or 4% of annual global turnover this an area businesses handling data needs to take seriously. No matter how you spin it, compliance with GDPR is imperative for the continued success of your global business.

Northlands Media prides itself on competing aggressively while holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, including conduct of our data handling practices. While many businesses are still unaware of the impact the GDPR will have on their business, our cyber security team at Northlands Media have been working with GDPR since it was announced in May 2018.

The goal of GDPR is to share with your users the care you take with their personal data.  Our policy evaluation details the approach your organization takes to personal data and some of the steps needed to comply with the relevant regulations.

We offer the following: 

  • Full Audit of your Customer-facing business 
  • Complete action plan of GDPR Compliance 
  • Hand-On help and execution 
  • Extensive signed documentation 
  • Procedures and knowledge-transfer 
  • A Data Protection Officer (fully responsible nominee / monthly price) if required.


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