All You Need To Know To Rank On Google Maps 

Google Maps is THE mapping service right now, out doing every other mapping service right now, including apple maps, with more than one billion using it every month.

If you want your business to be found, this is one of the most rewarding areas to focus on due to just how many people are searching. While Google Maps’ most obvious benefit is making you easier to find, it’s not its only benefit. 

 Being noted on Google Maps is expected and not really groundbreaking for a huge corporation or a local institution, but for a small business, it could serve as one of the prime drivers of new customers and conversions. Google knows where their users are, and, unless we specifically ask them not to adjust our SERPs, most commercial searches we do will be local, complete with a local 3-pack and a Google Map window occupying most of our screen.

Google Maps SEO UK

As always in search results, people rarely skip past the first few and even less view page 2 so it's a natural priority for any local business to be in the top few on Google Maps.

Remember that ranking in Google Maps is not only about visibility but also about the positioning of your business. If used correctly (and strategically), Google Maps can play an important part in your digital marketing strategy.


First off, go to Google Maps and enter your business name into the search bar. As shown in the snippet below, you will get the options "Add a missing place" which, if you business isn't there, click it!

Missing Google Maps Business

A window will pop up, offering you to fill out the basic business information, like open hours, category, and location.

Missing Google Maps Business

Once done, click send and you application to have your business registered on Google Maps is officially sent, and you'll get an email once it's been reviewed and approved. 

 After your business has been added to the Google Maps database, it will be eligible to appear in the Maps SERP along with other businesses located around it. 

We unpack how Google Maps ranks their results here.

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