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Our way of working is built around a simple truth: it’s not about saying what you do, it’s about doing what you say, that’s how we've built our business, impressing clients internationally along the way.

We do not believe in lucky guesses. We apply state-of-the-art technologies, methodologies  and creative insights to guide planning and decision making. This has led to fantastic return on investment for our customers. 

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IT Services

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Cyber security

Cyber threats are continually evolving and are ever more sophisticated meaning we constantly improve our cyber security offering by testing the best solutions. We provide a range of cyber security solutions including anti-virus, content filtering, network firewalls, disaster recovery and data backup.

data analytics

Our data analytics solutions empower your teams to make smarter, faster decisions, and give management full visibility and control over their businesses. Wherever you're at in your data journey, start by understanding your big data challenges and learning how Northlands' advanced data analytics solutions, services can benefit you and your business free of charge.

Software Development

At Northlands IT we offer database, mobile app and system integration solutions tailored to the exact needs of your business. Our expertise stems from our ability to architect and deliver solutions that are a potent synthesis of third-party software, custom development and system integration, ensuring you receive working solutions at a reasonable price.

data protection & GDPR

Our data protection solutions are designed to help you future proof backup and recovery, unlock hidden resources and control constantly-escalating data growth. Mitigate the risk of attack, avoid a costly fine and ensure you meet your regulatory obligations with our GDPR Compliance Solution packages.


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